Penzión Emília is located in a quiet neighborhood close to the forest. Slovakia offers many activities including hiking, biking, skiing and many other things to do. Ružomberok also offers many sporting, cultural, natural and historical attractions as well as magnificent caves, castles and museums. As described bellow we are always happy to provide any assistance with suggestions on activities and things to visit and explore. Our tips for your trips.


Malinô Brdo

Ski resort situated directly in Ružomberok offers you 12 km of ski trails. During the winter season you can go skiing here, snowboarding or just having fun from the fresh snow. During summer season you can enjoy the longer walk right from the pension to the resort. Or you can prefer off road scooters, downhill bycicles or cable car rides.

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Shepherd house Krajinka

To see from a near a shepherd and shepherd tradition is not possible every day. This shepherd house brings you the chance to see the sheep graze, their milk processing as well as a tasting experience of traditional slovakian foods.

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Liptovská Mara

A man made water dam, which is a part of the river Váh cascade. In the past 13 villages were flooded for its creation. Its size is breathtaking. During the summer you can relax here, swim or do some fishing. For those who are active and curious there is a possibility of sightseeing ship trip, boating, surfing or jet skiing.

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Liptov Village Museum Pribylina

For those curious to see the life in Slovakia during the Middle Ages, this is the stop for you. This museum is a part of a Liptov museaum and offers the view into a medieval society, its life, rights and privileges. You may be fortunate to experience an interesting exhibition or buy products made by folks craftsmen.

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Bob sledge in Pavčina Lehota

If you plan to make some program for yourself and your children go and have a bit of adrenaline in Pavčina Lehota. One of a few bob sledges that we have in Slovakia is situated just right here. You can enjoy a nice trip into a ski resort which during the summer turns into an adrenaline filled playground. Short hiking trails and caves are also found here to explore.

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Liptov museum

Liptov museum offers an array of historical artifacts as well as Slovakia’s flora and fauna. Museum also offers a craft workshops for tourists where they can be creative and make their own product. Expositions are to be seen in Ružomberok, Liptovský Mikuláš, Liptovský Hrádok, Pribylina, Havránok, castle Likava, church in Ludrová, in Vlkolínec, Maša and Vyšná Boca.

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Liptov castle

And old ruin Liptov castle is visible at the boarder of Liptovský Mikuláš and Ružomberok city. Also called Sielnický or Liptov old castle by local residents and it is accessible to the public You can get to the castle using tourist path Vlachy - Havránok - Bukovina, marked red colour.

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Ľudovít Fulla Gallery

This gallery in Ružomberok is the part of Slovak National gallery. Mostly are to be seen here the works made by Ľudovít Fulla. There is also an opportuniy to see the original workspace and atelier of an artist. Every first Sunday in a month, the entrance is free of charge.

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Fun aquapark Bešeňová is a must for all. Natural mineral travertines provide healing mineral water in the pools of Besenova . These mineral thermal water pools are beneficial for people with respiratory and musculoskeletal problems as well as dermatological and urological problems. It is open all year round for your enjoyement.

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It is never late for a good swim. Not even in the winter. Just right here you will find the relax, rest, loads of warm water in the winter and great fun on the plenty of various slides in the summer. There is also a relaxing sauna world offering a mixture of beauty and healthy procedures which will help you to relax and harmonize your body and mind.

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Pleasant village environment offers many hiking and biking trails. as well as a trip to Strečno castle which is situated close to river Váh. If you are not interested in walking overland, it might be more interesting on the water. To travel on the river Váh by wooden raft certainly does not happen to you every day.

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Bath Lúčky

The bath not only for women. This bath is one of the oldest baths in Slovakia. Quiet environment and qualified staff is just what a tired man might need for having a rest in Slovakia. In Vital park you can fully enjoy mineral healing water that has a temperature of around 28°C - 38 °C.

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Protected area of folk architecture which was added to the to the List of the World's Heritage of UNESCO offers its visitors unique wooden architecture from the Middle Ages. By walking through the village you can have a unique experience looking inside a typical house from these times.

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Orava castle

You should definitely plan the whole day for a trip here. Castle tour takes more than an hour and there are the ethnographical, natural, archaeological and historical exhibition to be seen. Orava museum also includes Orava Forest Railway, The house of famous slovak writer Martin Kukučín, literal exposition of P. O. Hviezdoslav, Floarians house etc.

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Open air Orava Village museum in Zuberec

In the foothills of the Roháče mountains, there is an open air museum, which offers more than 50 buildings arranged into several units. There are a lot of undertakings during a year – craft days, piper concert which bring back to people folk culture and habits.

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